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Cars have always been a huge part of my life. I truly cant remember a time that they were not. I can still vividly see my dad working on our cars. some for the love of it, mostly because we couldn't afford to have someone work on them. I remember from the earliest age going to car shows and being enamored with the whole experience from the shine of the chrome to sounds of the cars rumbling in. I WAS HOOKED!!!!!

I am very lucky that my love affair with all things cars happened at such an early age. That love affair is one that has not diminished over time in fact it has continued to grow. I have done and seen it all when it comes to cars. From racing, building, buying, selling, manufacturing all over the world not to many things I have not been involved in.

I have been to more car related events than humanly possible " enough for 10 lifetimes". I have met some of my best friends at car events. I have also been snubbed, looked and talked-down to and many other things because I may not have been driving a car that fit everyone's mold or idea of what a car should be.

Fast forward in time those people that once did all those things line up to see the cars I build and own. Funny how things change with time, success and money. I vowed early on that I would never be that guy. The one who felt he was to cool or to good who to take 5 seconds out of his precious day to speak or show someone his car. The best part of my day is letting someone take a picture of my car or get a picture inside my car. I am never to busy to answer a question or share my passion for cars.

This car club is my escape, my therapy and sanity. My goal is for everyone involved to feel the same. So I surround myself with like minded people who share that passion and the love of cars. I don't care if u drive a geo metro "no offense metro owners" or a Bugatti. We are all equals here and we don't judge on the car you drive. Its about a family that doesn't discriminate on race, gender, social status,  the car you drive or anything else. This is a new age of car clubs one that can do great things, one that brings people together in a very divided world. One that gives and doesn't take. One that raises money for its community, charity's and its own when needed. The right person can promote change the right group can change the world!

The love of cars transcends almost every barrier in life language, religion its bigger than all of it and all of us. My goal it to see RIDE OR DIE RACING on a car in every country and bring us together and promote change.. its time!!!

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